Symbiosis: Nematoda (parasitism)

Ophioplinthus / Ophionotus - Nematoda

Ophioplinthus gelida (Koehler, 1901): host
Ophionotus victoriae Bell, 1902: host
(unidentified): coelomic cavity and bursae endoparasites 

Nematodes identified as parasites of Antarctic ofiuroids belong to Thalassonema genus; they have been found in Ophiocten amitinum, although mentioned in sub-Antarctic waters, and in Ophiacantha antarctica. Mortensen 1936, cites the presence of nematodes, unidentified, in Amphiura microplax disjunta.


Nematodes, in some cases, can be seen going out from the openings in the disc and, on opening some ofiuroids, several nematodes can be seen spread all over the body cavity.


Jangoux M (1987) Diseases of Echinodermata. II: Agents metazoans (Mesozoa to Bryozoa) Dis aquat org, vol. 2: 205-234
Mortensen T (1936) Echinoidea and Ophiuroidea. Discovery Reports, National Institute of Oceanography Cambridge 12:199–348

Collected by Pablo J. González-López. Cruiser ANTARKTIS XXIII/8  Polarstern.
The study was made using Motic SMZ-168 TL stereo microscope.

July 2010

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